Apline Dog Denver Brewery

Our Year-Round Beers

Miss American Rye Rye Blonde Ale

25 IBUs, 5.5% abv

This original rye beer is a flavorful, yet easy drinking, blonde ale with a sultry body and a spicy personality. Refreshing to the last drop, with a unique peppery rye flavor and light citrus and floral hop character; she’s a new American classic.

Super Steeze Pale Ale Hoppy Belgian-Style Pale Ale

35 IBUs, 5.8% abv

This is an American interpretation of a classic Belgian Style. It is golden orange colored with rich, complex characteristics of spice and fruit coming from the Belgian yeast strain. Liberally hopped like an American pale ale for a floral and citrusy character; this beer has a unique cross-bred profile.


70 IBUs, 7% abv

An explosion of hops! Followed by shock and awe! Then more hops! This is a big citrusy, piney and floral IPA with a big American hop character leading in aroma and flavor, followed by a firm malt backbone with light caramel and toasted notes and an assertive yet balanced, bitter finish.

Our Rotating Beers

Hogback Amber Amber Ale

32 IBUs, 5.25% abv

Named for the Colorado landmark, the mountain that is the gateway to the Rockies, this deep amber ale carries a rich bready malt character with notes of caramel, fruit, citrus and spice. Balanced nicely by a clean bitterness and fresh hop character.

Old Liquid Debauchery American Barleywine

100+ IBUs, 9.5% abv

This is a big American Barley Wine. American hops provide floral and citrus notes while dark caramel and toasted malts provide rich notes of fruit, caramalized sugar, and toast. Finishes rich with a noticable alcohol character. An ode to unabashed decedance in a glass!

Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Liquid Debauchery American Barleywine

100+ IBUs, 9.5% abv

Our Barleywine aged 6 months in CO bourbon barrels!

Colfax Gold Belgian-Style Golden Ale

28 IBUs, 6.5% abv

Named in honor of the infamous Avenue adjacent to the brewery this crisp golden ale hosts notes of fruit and spice from its Belgian yeast strain and a clean malt profile from Belgian Pilsner malt and German Munich malt.

Gravity Check Pale Ale

44 IBUs, 5.8% abv

In the high country, gravity is our play thing. As we strive to one-up it by pushing the limits of physics and our personal strength; we deliver our daily dose of adrenaline. Gravity Check pale ale tributes the adventurers who pursue their passion knowing that sometimes, gravity wins the battle. This beer has a healthy dose of citrusy hoppy freshness and a light honey noted malt character.

Howl at the Moon Imperial Red Ale

100 IBUs, 7.6% abv

This beast of an ale is an outcast of beer styles. With a rewarding strength of character, it is often found overwhelming by the masses. And so; it breaks its own road, fates itself to the few, and apologizes to no one along the way. This Imperial Red style beer is built with a rich caramel and toasted malt backbone, a huge pine and citrus hop character, and a full bitter finish. You’ll be howling at the moon before you know it. Or maybe just howling for another!

Blind Sherpa American Stout

50 IBUs, 6.5% abv

Lost in a whiteout? Get the Blind Sherpa to navigate you to the brewery! Must be by sense of smell, or maybe just a sixth beer sense, but this hearty stout will knock off any chill with its robust roasted character. Coffee, chocolate, caramel, and fruit in aroma and flavor: complex, rich and smooth from the addition of oats!

Electric Thunder Hop Double IPA

100 IBUs, 8.5% abv

Over 100 IBUs of PURE HOP FURY! This is what happens when Zeus throws hops atcha face! The most intensely hopped beer from Alpine Dog has been known to bring glory to hop lovers and trembling of the knees to weaker souls. If you just got nervous then you are the latter!

Fresh Hop IPA (fall only)

75 IBUs, 6.5% abv

IPA made with fresh(wet) hops from Colorado's Western Slope!

Notorious M.O.N.K. Belgian-Style Dubbel

22 IBUs, 8% abv

Deep, dark mahogany brown; rich with fruit, caramel, chocolate, and spice; this Belgian-style classic is complex to its core. This is a rich beer; balanced by a traditional dryness and slight alcohol warmth. A sophisticated and flashy ale; one taste will hypnotize you!

Liquid Pancakes Maple Red Ale

40 IBUs, 6.5% abv

We’ve brewed this malty, caramelly, red ale with maple syrup for a unique seasonal flavor! Not sweet and not overwhelming, maple comes through in the nose and flavor. Pancakes anyone?

Fresh Soul Grapefruit Session IPA

50 IBUs, 4.5% abv

This righteously dank, bright, citrus-infused IPA leads with floral and fruity hops, followed by fresh grapefruit citrus and tropical fruit and light bitterness. Brewed with fresh grapefruit zest and at a quaffable 4.5% abv, baby’s got soul!

Ski Naked Saison

29 IBUs, 6.7% abv

This Belgian farmhouse inspired classic pays homage to warming weather and a free spirit! The Belgian yeast strain creates fruity, earthy, and peppery aromatics and flavors while drying the beer out for a light, crisp and refreshing brew.

Dyatlov Pass Incident Russian Imperial Stout

78 IBUs, 10% abv

This rich dark beer references a mysterious mountaineering incident that took place in Russia in 1959. A group of hikers ventured into the mountains only to be found dead weeks later under disturbing and uexplainable conditions. Only theories exist as to why the hikers apparently fled their camp... Soviet Conspiracey? The Supernatural? Strange beasts? Either way, be glad you’re in a cozy brewery sipping a warming, chocolatey and complex beer :)

Arse Over Elbows ESB

38 IBUs, 4.5% abv

The English classic! Our sessionable Extra Special Bitter has a rich, toasted, bready malt character and a big English hop profile. Amber in color and dry hopped generously with East Kent Goldings!

Darth Hop Black Double IPA

100 IBUs, 8.5% abv

Welcome, to the Dark Side of Hoppyness… A Sinisterly hop forward Black IPA packed with tropical/citrusy American hops and caramel and de-bittered roast malts for a smooth malty, roast cocoa/coffee profile. Big, hoppy and dark; not recommended for hop-prentice!