Our Beer

  • Ms American Rye

    Rye Blonde Ale

    This original rye beer is a flavorful, yet easy drinking, blonde ale with a sultry body and a spicy personality. Refreshing to the last drop, with a unique peppery rye flavor and light citrus and floral hop character; she’s a new American classic!

  • Hyper Jam

    Blackberry Sour

    Kettle soured Golden Ale aged on loads of blackberries; this once golden, magenta in color, bursting with fruit forward flavor and a bright and refreshing sour finish!

  • Sunshine Apparition

    Wild Saison

    The Belgian yeast strain creates fruity, earthy, and peppery aromatics and flavors and the addition of the wild yeast brettanomyces emphasizes tropical fruit notes while drying the beer out for a light and refreshing brew. Some wheat and oat additions provide a nice smooth, almost creamy, body to this mixed culture ale.

  • Colfax Gold

    Belgian Style Golden Ale

    Named in honor of the infamous Avenue adjacent to the brewery this crisp golden ale hosts notes of fruit and spice from its Belgian yeast strain and a clean malt profile from Belgian Pilsner malt and German Munich malt.

  • Fresh Soul

    Grapefruit Session IPA

    This righteously dank, bright, citrus-infused IPA leads with fresh grapefruit citrus, supported by floral and earthy hops, tropical fruit notes and low bitterness. Brewed with fresh grapefruit zest, Mosaic and Cascade hops; and at a quaffable 4.5% abv; baby’s got soul!

  • Thunder Puppy

    NE Inspired “Tropical” IPA

    Hop crazy but not hazy! Our take on the New England style of IPA.  Built with specific water chemistry and oats and wheat in the mash to create a soft, smooth beer to carry literal boatloads (we have to dry hop it 3 times just to get ’em all in there!) of Citra, Mosaic, and Cascade hops creating dank and juicy tropical fruit forward flavors and aromas!

  • Yakima Nectar

    West Coast IPA

    An explosion of hops! Followed by shock and awe! Then more hops! This is a big citrusy, piney and floral West Coast style IPA with a big American hop character leading in aroma and flavor, followed by a light malt backbone and an assertive yet balanced, bitter finish. Yakima Valley hop varieties Centennial, Chinook and Cascade in this one.

  • Lupulin Hero

    Pale Ale

    This Pale Ale features a heavy dose of German “Mandarina Bavaria” Hops, showcasing tangerine and earthy flavors with a clean, moderately malty backbone. Lupulin are the small yellow glands of the hop flower that contain the aromatic hop oils and acids.

  • Wolf’s Blood

    Red Ale

    This dark red beer pays homage to the wild ancestors of our modern furry buddies. Brewed with Golden Promise, one of the finest UK malts money can buy, and rich caramel and roasted malts; this beer has a great malt forward profile.

  • Blind Sherpa

    American Stout

    Lost in a whiteout?  Get the Blind Sherpa to navigate you to the brewery!  Must be by sense of smell, or maybe just a sixth beer sense, but this hearty stout will knock off any chill with its robust roasted character. Coffee, chocolate, caramel, and fruit in aroma and flavor: complex, rich and smooth from the addition of oats.

  • Howl at the Moon

    Imperial Red Ale

    This mighty ale is an outcast of beer styles.  With a rewarding strength of character, it is often found overwhelming by the masses. And so; it breaks its own road, fates itself to the few, and apologizes to no one along the way.  This Imperial Red style beer is built with a rich caramel and toasted malt backbone, a huge pine and citrus hop character, and a full bitter finish. You’ll be howling at the moon before you know it. Or maybe just howling for another!

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Dyatlov Pass Incident

    Bourbon BA Russian Imperial Stout: abv 13.4%, ibu 50

    The Bourbon Barrel Aged version of the legend! Rich with bourbon character, notes of vanilla, oak, chocolate and coffee.  Aged 11 months in bourbon barrels! This rich dark beer references a mysterious mountaineering incident that took place in Russia in 1959.  A group of hikers ventured into the mountains only to be found dead weeks later under disturbing and unexplainable conditions.  Only theories exist as to why the hikers apparently fled their camp… Soviet Conspiracy? The Supernatural? Strange beasts? …

  • ``Ms American Rye`` Rye Blonde Ale
  • ``Hyper Jam`` Blackberry Sour
  • ``Colfax Gold`` Belgian Style Golden Ale
  • ``Snowflakes on Colfax`` Belgian Amber with Currants
  • ``Thunder Puppy`` Tropical IPA
  • ``Yakima Nectar`` West Coast IPA
  • ``Tasty Town`` DDH Pale Ale
  • ``Howl at the Moon`` Imperial Red
  • ``Wolf's Blood`` Red Ale
  • ``Blind Sherpa`` American Stout
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged ``Dyatlov Pass Incident`` Russian Imperial Stout

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